Your earwax, microsuction, irrigation and syringing questions answered.

The eardrum is a very sensitive and delicate structure and to syringe an ear successfully water and some wax will hit against the eardrum.
Whereas with micro suction we just latch onto the wax and pull it out or if it is very soft it just gets sucked up the suction probe. Therefore micro suction can be carried out as often as required without causing any stress on the ear drum.

For the purposes of microsuction we would only recommend medical grade olive oil. This lubricates the canal and softens the wax just enough to get hold of it with the suction probe. Some other more aggressive treatments make it harder to remove and can cause inflammation of the ear canal.

We only have fully qualified and registered audiologists, doctors, and clinical scientists at our clinic. They are additionally trained by the Ear Wax Removal Clinic or other recognised bodies so to meet our exact high standards of safety and professionalism.

Patients have reported to us that they have had to pre-treat the ears for up to six weeks prior to syringing. Micro suction is quickest and easiest when the ear has been treated for one or two days before (this is especially important if you have used cotton buds or any device to clean the ear as it can compact the wax) however, treatment can be carried out successfully without pre treatment.