Ear Wax Removal

Glue ear is where the empty middle part of the ear canal fills up with fluid. This can cause temporary hearing loss. It usually clears up within 3 months, but see a GP about any hearing problems.


The most common symptom of glue ear is temporary hearing loss. It can affect both ears at the same time.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Earache or Ear Pain
  • Hearing sounds like Ringing or Buzzing (Tinnitus)

    Glue ear is much more common in children, but adults with glue ear have the same symptoms

    NHS Choices (April,2018)

    ‘Sound Seekers (The Commonwealth Society for the Deaf) delivers practical solutions to support people with hearing loss realise their rights by enabling access to healthcare and education.

    Hearing loss can be both a cause and effect of poverty. To combat this, Soundseekers work to secure the future of people with hearing loss in some of the poorest communities of the developing world.’ (Soundseekers, 2017)


    Hello Everyone and Welcome to my Blog

    My name is Sita Parmar. I have been in the Wonderful world of Ears for approximately 10 years.

    This is my first time writing a Blog so please feel free to comment and provide any suggestions you may have (  via email: dewaxify@outlook.com, instagram @dewaxify_earwaxremoval or facebook @dewaxifylondon)

    So here’s a bit about my Audiology Affinity.

    I have an undergraduate in Audiology.

    I then went on to complete ‘The Scientist Training Programme’. It’s essentially; A Masters in Neurosensory Science (Aud), three years of full time work as an Audiological Scientist  working in all aspects of hearing including; hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, working with children, people with Tinnitus and Balance (AudioVestibular) Problems. I also trained in the Principle tasks of Neurophysioloy, Opthamology, Radiography and Clinical Imagining. And finally created a Portfolio of evidence of everything I had done over the three years.

    Since graduating from the Programme I have worked in Paediatric Audiology, testing children and providing hearing aids. I have also helped to set up an Audio Vestibular Rehabilitation service in an NHS hospital in South London. This service helps people who suffer with vertigo due to an upset in their balance organ (Great Link for anyone suffering with Vertigo: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vertigo/). Once patients were diagnosed the service facilitated rehabilitation appointments, similar to physiotherapy but for the balance system.

    And it was during this time that the number of patients that were suffering with ear wax was significantly increasing. Many GPs had stopped performing syringing due to the known risks associated with the procedure. So I qualified in Microsuction ear wax removal and practiced in various different hospitals for several months and went on to set up DEWAXIFY.

    DEWAXIFY has recently had its First Birthday and is rated 5 Stars by 100% of customers (google reviews). If I’m honest, seeing people smile when they can hear again and then going home and reading their wonderful reviews really makes my day! I can honestly say I love what I do and I am blessed to have a wonderful team around me that make everything possible.

    This blog will take you through my adventures as a Scientist in the world of Ears.

    I hope you enjoy it!

    Also if you have any questions, or would like me to discuss a particular topic please feel free to message me at @dewaxify_earwaxremoval on Instagram or @dewaxifylondon on facebook.

    I would love to hear from you all!



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